Giza Diogenes

Giza Diogenes

Giza Diógenes is a Technician in Tourism and Hospitality at the Federal Institute of Ceará (2002) and is currently studying Business Administration at Unifanor.

She began her career as a cultural producer and in 2001 in Fortaleza, producing the main cultural events in Ceará (Bienal Internacional do Livro do Ceará, Festival Nordestino de Teatro de Guaramiranga, Festival de Jazz e Blues de Guaramiranga, Festa do Livro e da Leitura de Aracati, Festival Música na Ibiapaba, Festival Internacional de Trovadores e Repentistas, Festival Flores da Serra em Pacoti, Secult Itinerante, Bienal Internacional de Dança do Ceará e Bienal Internacional de Dança do Ceará/De Par em Par, DeVERcidade).

In 2007 Giza began its advisory work in cultural edicts for artists and NGOs in Ceará. Idealizer and achiever of the events Mostra de Teatro de Rua de Jaguaribe (three editions held in Jaguaribe - 2010/2011/2012) and Som da Parada (one edition held at the bus terminals of Fortaleza - 2011).

In 2011, together with her then partner Ângelo Márcio, Giza founded the Iluminura Produtora Cultural with the intention of thinking, elaborating, capturing, managing and carrying out projects of a cultural nature of free access, free of charge and above all of quality thought for the different publics with the enthusiasm of those who appreciates and cares for those who welcome public and artist.

Idealizer, manager and producer of the Festival Internacional de Circo do Ceará with five editions (2014 to 2018), manager and producer of the Inhamuns Festival - Circus, Puppets and Street Arts.

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