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Ângelo Márcio

Actor, Clown, Musician, Art - Educator, graduated in Pedagogy from UECE (State University of Ceará), Ângelo Márcio Leal Martins has 25 years of experience in Theater and Music. He has participated in several adult and children's shows, as well as workshops related to music, theater, art education and production.

He was part of the Research and Extension Group of the Itapipoca School of Education (UECE) as an Artistic Initiation Scholar and Coordinator of the Education Art Nucleus (1999/2001).

As art - educator he promoted several courses of Italian Theater, Street Theater, Clown People and Clown in several festivals and shows in Ceará and in Brazil. It promoted workshops for the construction of percussive, recycled and traditional Northeastern rhythms. Marcio created the “Cortejo Brincante de Itapipoca” (2000), the “Tambores de Itapajé” (2001), the “Grupo de Tambores de Pitombeiras” (2001), the “Cortejo Brincante de Russas”(2005), the “Grupo Percussivo do Projeto Vidança/Tambatuque” (2006), the Grupo Bom do Vixe (Dragão do Mar/2010-2012) and the Tambores das Marias (2017).

He taught percussion courses (Brazilian rhythms) at the International Festivals: "Tap City", in New York (USA), at the University of Ancorage in Alaska / USA, (Jazz WeeK / 2005). Participated in the International Festivals World Culture Open (South Korea), Samba Syndronw, Popkom (Germany), Flower Festival (Hungary / 2009), BAFIM (Buenos Aires / ARG), Dance Biennial (Cape Verde / Africa Edition).

As an actor he performed in the shows: “Os Bufões” (1995), “Três Faniquitos Sem Concerto” (1997), “O Auto da Camisinha” (1998), “Morte e Vida Severina”(1999 Balaio Award for Best Sonoplasty), “A Chegada de Marculino no Purgatório” (2000, Prize of Best Actor in the IV Encontro Estadual de Teatro de Rua Contra AIDS), "Cantos e Causos", "Zefinha Vai a Feira", "Bagaceira, Cana e Engenho" (2001) , "O Casamento de Tabarim" (2004-2006), O Circo sem Teto (2010), Ch @ furdo (2012), "Invocado que Só" (20015) and "Da Silva – Hijo de las Américas" (2016).

He produced the Festival dos Inhamuns, Circo, Bonecos e Artes de Rua(2010 - 2017), Terminal da Música (2011), Mostra de Teatro de Rua de Jaguaribe (2010/2011) and the Festival de Circo do Ceará (2014 to 2018).

In 2016, he starts the company Indústria da Arte offering artistic advisory services for social projects and NGOs in the elaboration of cultural projects and courses related to the performing arts and music.

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